S-21 Special Offer Alert

Posted by Randy Schlitter on 6/1/2017 to S-21 Outbound
S-21 Special Offer Alert

We have decided to upgrade the standard fuel capacity of the S-21 Outbound from the original offering of 32 gallons to 45 Gallons (including header tank). For those who have already purchased a production position, the 45 Gallon system will be included. For a limited time only, new orders will also get the upgrade. However, there will be a price increase for the wing kit, which includes the fuel system.

Currently the wing kit sells for $7500. After June 30th the price increases to $8300. Up until June 30th we will accept $2500 “early bird” deposits for the S-21 Outbound at the current listed price. After July 1st, orders for individual kits will be accepted. With the exception of some of the lower priced sub-kits, a 50% deposit will be required with orders for S-21 Outbound kits.

If you would like to learn more you can fill out a contact form, or call our office between the hours of 7am-4pm Mon-Fri (CST).

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